woensdag 2 augustus 2017

Astrology for the Soul August 2, 2017

  • Astrology for the Soul August
    2, 2017
    Published on 2 Aug 2017.
    Kaypacha`s Mantra for the week : “In the early
    stages of life,

    I take all I need to grow, then transform it within , to show where I've been,
    and give it back to the whole.”

    Whoa ! Here come the eclipse ! While I like to stay positive, I must say, it
    can be dangerous in the jungle with some ferocious lions on the loose ! What I
    didn't mention in the report was Mercury coming up to station/retrograde
    opposite Neptune. With this combination of energies there can be some real
    delusional characters (psychopaths/sociopaths), out for themselves, that wreak
    havoc on poor unsuspecting souls. While it is a great time for joy and
    generosity, it is not a time to simply give indiscriminately.

    Differing from the playful lion cub, the mature king/queen of the jungle
    remains slightly aloof, above the fray, undisturbed by the rough housing cubs,
    but alert and on guard at all times though completely relaxed. Quite an amazing
    animal ! May you run, jump, leap and create and recreate yourself again !

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     (and scroll
    Thank U, dear Kaypacha for always being such
    an adorable & Great intuitive Astrologer !  I take In the delusional
    character that got me trapped into  never ending irrational demands these
    past,  now almost 4 years & prepare to give back all the goodies
    that are on their  way back to me , through very loving &
    compassionate Souls . So much good is on its way to many of us,
     Lightworkers now & even when many like me,  are exhausted
    from this seemingly never ending ride into the powergames of the elite ,
    we can look forward to Great Times ahead , sharing & caring for our
    own true Selves  again & share with others who deserve
    the help so badly needed & the revenues of giving of themselves in purity ,
    integrity & great compassion. So much Love to U & All & may U remain
    blessed. I Am

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