woensdag 28 juni 2017

Astrology for the Soul June 28, 2017

Anne Westenbrink
"Thank U Kaypacha for an AWESOME Report as Always ! Its Time for All Women To Unite, in Taking Out the Banks, like these Icelandic women have done & Take Our POWER Back ! Universal Love Is our Guide ! This is my Call to All my Dutch NL Womenfriends. We Can Change this World by Uniting & Taking our Chances to Actually CHANGE this Patriarchal System & Make a Better World for UMeWeAll. Contact /Call me ! Don`t Wait. NOW IS THE TIME ! Shared with Love on my http://annesastrolovelife.blogspot.nl & FB Page "Know Thyself through Astrology" & on my Google+ Collection, "Astrology on Google+" . Lets Make It Right,Together As ONE. I Am POWERFULL & Can Lead the Way  ! Aloha . Warm Hugzzzz from my Heart to All.Write me at annewestenbrink@gmail.com and /or call at +31 (0)224 217991 . My House is still Available this Summer for anyone paying me a Security (Borg ) of €800 , which will be handed back September 1st, when I will be back home in Schagen, the Netherlands. Google on my name & see the Photo`s of my house at my Facebook or ask me to send them to U. Its an Awesome Place to spend your summer , close to a Beautifull beach at Callantsoog & near the Centre of a Lovely , Active , Pittoresque Dutch Town. Blessings of Love & Peace & Lets UNITE ! http://about.me/annewestenbrink & http://PaypalMe/annewestenbrink

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