woensdag 28 juni 2017

Astrology for the Soul June 28, 2017

Anne Westenbrink
"Thank U Kaypacha for an AWESOME Report as Always ! Its Time for All Women To Unite, in Taking Out the Banks, like these Icelandic women have done & Take Our POWER Back ! Universal Love Is our Guide ! This is my Call to All my Dutch NL Womenfriends. We Can Change this World by Uniting & Taking our Chances to Actually CHANGE this Patriarchal System & Make a Better World for UMeWeAll. Contact /Call me ! Don`t Wait. NOW IS THE TIME ! Shared with Love on my http://annesastrolovelife.blogspot.nl & FB Page "Know Thyself through Astrology" & on my Google+ Collection, "Astrology on Google+" . Lets Make It Right,Together As ONE. I Am POWERFULL & Can Lead the Way  ! Aloha . Warm Hugzzzz from my Heart to All.Write me at annewestenbrink@gmail.com and /or call at +31 (0)224 217991 . My House is still Available this Summer for anyone paying me a Security (Borg ) of €800 , which will be handed back September 1st, when I will be back home in Schagen, the Netherlands. Google on my name & see the Photo`s of my house at my Facebook or ask me to send them to U. Its an Awesome Place to spend your summer , close to a Beautifull beach at Callantsoog & near the Centre of a Lovely , Active , Pittoresque Dutch Town. Blessings of Love & Peace & Lets UNITE ! http://about.me/annewestenbrink & http://PaypalMe/annewestenbrink

donderdag 15 juni 2017

Astrology for the Soul June 14, 2017

Published on 14 Jun 2017, on ” Kaypacha Lescher “`s YouTubeChannel,
with by now 68K Subscribers  
J & 394 uploaded video`s, I Say WOW,  Dear Kaypacha & All Astrology Lovers, Its Celebration
Time ! Astrology is the Royal Path to Knowledge. As Above , So Below. As Within,
So Without. We Are All Mirrors to One Another. Have a Summer Filled with Deep
Insights into your Own Motivations, Be Understanding, in Bliss, Joy, Love &
Light and an Abundance of Peace & Compassion.
We Are ONE Humanity, Living on ONE Beautifull Planet & Here to Serve
One another from the Infinite LOVE that Is Here for All to Embrace as ONE. All
is LOVE. GOD is LOVE. U are LOVE. I Am Love WE ARE ONE, So what we do to others,
we also do to ourselves.

Try a Summer without Judgments. Be Love. Be One. Be Understanding. We
All have our Weak Moments U Know ?

Accept your Self as U Really Are , so U can also accept Others exactly
as they Really Are. We Are All Spiritual Beings Taking form in a physical Body
& Here to Learn to Love in ever widening circles .

Go to http://about.me/annewestenbrink
for my background & links to my Blogs & Social Media. Thank U. I Love
U. I Am That I AM. AUM  

Here `s Kaypacha`s Mantra for the Week :

“When I get emotionally triggered, I simply can't forget,

that the real work I'm here to do, is to own what I project.”

Oh Yeah, how to "Do" and "Just Be" in balance? It can be
tricky these days as we can feel overwhelmed with the "busyness" of
life while inwardly divorced from some of these "necessities."

The real pressure is coming more from the Soul level calling us more
urgently to live our truth and Do what we love.

However, if we're not careful we can project these soul urges outside
ourselves, not take responsibility for creating a life we truly love, and blame
others for restricting our expression/destiny.
No more ! Own it baby ! Stand up tall and go for it ! This is a great
time to own your truth, feel it, and love it.


closing music: www.scotthuckaby.com

donderdag 1 juni 2017

Astrology for the Soul May 31, 2017

I Love this & shared it with Love & Gratitude on my FB with this Awesome post ," Loving Someone... Means loving them completely and unconditionally. We don't get to choose the parts we love. We don't get to take the flaws away and hide them in a box. We embrace and accept them. We love with the same love we want for ourselves... Mumford and Sons, "Not With Haste": https://youtu.be/SCN7q70W09c

 & https://johnsmallman2.wordpress.com/2017/05/30/when-you-truly-open-your-hearts-all-that-is-unloving-falls-out/     

 Jesus through John. Guidance from an elder brother,

When you truly open your hearts all that is unloving

falls out. May 30, 2017 by John Smallman

Invited Benjamin F. to add me on FB & wrote him :

“ Hi Benjamin. I do hope U will add me to your contacts here on FB .
This is my latest post on my FB Page , "Know Thyself Through Astrology "
"Thanks Dear Kaypacha. Its about Time we All speak our Truth & get listened too. I Am, as a dutch lightworker, since many years now involved in the developments in present day America & it needs All of our common efforts to keep it from gliding into a Police state ! See http://­andalightoflovespirit­ual.blogspot.nl/ and/or go to http://about.me/­annewestenbrink for links to my Social Media. See especially my Wordpress posts .

I need support from other Awakened Ones, especially Americans now, as I have spend most of my time & energy & money on saving someone who needs to Be Freed to help his Fellowmen & " We The People " & Give More Freedom to Manifest & Form to "the New Republic " in the USA. Thank U for liking & spreading my posts anywhere. I Am still Free but Broke. Together We Stand, Divided We Fall. Warm Hugz from Red Lunar Moon, Kin 249. Pls.Support me with a Donation at

Kaypacha`s mantra for the Week :

“Whenever I am too afraid, to speak and own my truth,my light goes dim, I wilt within, Disappointing both me and you.”

I do share & follow Benjamins  weekly posts since 4 years by now & would have loved to stay subscribed to his Blog but helas I` ve got not a penny left . Yet I am in a living & alive personal contact with the One & Only General JFDJFD
Pls. give me a " like" here and or comment on this / answer me & help me come out for this Truth !

I AM Your Always Loving Friend & Cocreator.