donderdag 27 april 2017

Sheldan Nidle PAO Webinar: Galactic Humans 101

“I wish I had found this
Great Free Webinar sooner !  Pls all go to &
Subscribe to their Beautifull emails,  that I often share far & wide
on my Google & FB with more than 100 Lightgroups by now. Wish also that
some people involved in this Great Mission would help me in my personal Mission
for Humanity, so we would all 
finally get some Funds.
I yust need someone to
contact me , pls write to
, so I can explain whats needed, as with a little help, without any problems, some
Great Funds would come to me, so I could help with this P.A.O.-
Groups Reorganisation, as well as help Fund All Lightworkers & Earth
Angels Involved in bringing us this kind of very much needed Info. I am studying
this long video carefully, as it has so many clues & answers a lot of
my questions as to the Ascension process & the Way of the Sirians &
others in the GFOL.

Thank U so much dear Sheldon,
Colleen & All who remain focussed on whats most important to all in this
Great Shift from Limited to Full Consciousness.
In Lak`ech Ala Kin.Warm Hugz
from the Netherlands & pls. all reading this , also have a look at  So much Love & Light in Peace of Heart
& Mind to All.  We Are ONE.
I AM. Go for links to
my Blogs & Social Media & background to

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