donderdag 15 juni 2017

Astrology for the Soul June 14, 2017

Published on 14 Jun 2017, on ” Kaypacha Lescher “`s YouTubeChannel,
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J & 394 uploaded video`s, I Say WOW,  Dear Kaypacha & All Astrology Lovers, Its Celebration
Time ! Astrology is the Royal Path to Knowledge. As Above , So Below. As Within,
So Without. We Are All Mirrors to One Another. Have a Summer Filled with Deep
Insights into your Own Motivations, Be Understanding, in Bliss, Joy, Love &
Light and an Abundance of Peace & Compassion.
We Are ONE Humanity, Living on ONE Beautifull Planet & Here to Serve
One another from the Infinite LOVE that Is Here for All to Embrace as ONE. All
is LOVE. GOD is LOVE. U are LOVE. I Am Love WE ARE ONE, So what we do to others,
we also do to ourselves.

Try a Summer without Judgments. Be Love. Be One. Be Understanding. We
All have our Weak Moments U Know ?

Accept your Self as U Really Are , so U can also accept Others exactly
as they Really Are. We Are All Spiritual Beings Taking form in a physical Body
& Here to Learn to Love in ever widening circles .

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for my background & links to my Blogs & Social Media. Thank U. I Love
U. I Am That I AM. AUM  

Here `s Kaypacha`s Mantra for the Week :

“When I get emotionally triggered, I simply can't forget,

that the real work I'm here to do, is to own what I project.”

Oh Yeah, how to "Do" and "Just Be" in balance? It can be
tricky these days as we can feel overwhelmed with the "busyness" of
life while inwardly divorced from some of these "necessities."

The real pressure is coming more from the Soul level calling us more
urgently to live our truth and Do what we love.

However, if we're not careful we can project these soul urges outside
ourselves, not take responsibility for creating a life we truly love, and blame
others for restricting our expression/destiny.
No more ! Own it baby ! Stand up tall and go for it ! This is a great
time to own your truth, feel it, and love it.


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donderdag 1 juni 2017

Astrology for the Soul May 31, 2017

I Love this & shared it with Love & Gratitude on my FB with this Awesome post ," Loving Someone... Means loving them completely and unconditionally. We don't get to choose the parts we love. We don't get to take the flaws away and hide them in a box. We embrace and accept them. We love with the same love we want for ourselves... Mumford and Sons, "Not With Haste":


 Jesus through John. Guidance from an elder brother,

When you truly open your hearts all that is unloving

falls out. May 30, 2017 by John Smallman

Invited Benjamin F. to add me on FB & wrote him :

“ Hi Benjamin. I do hope U will add me to your contacts here on FB .
This is my latest post on my FB Page , "Know Thyself Through Astrology "
"Thanks Dear Kaypacha. Its about Time we All speak our Truth & get listened too. I Am, as a dutch lightworker, since many years now involved in the developments in present day America & it needs All of our common efforts to keep it from gliding into a Police state ! See http://­andalightoflovespirit­ and/or go to­annewestenbrink for links to my Social Media. See especially my Wordpress posts .

I need support from other Awakened Ones, especially Americans now, as I have spend most of my time & energy & money on saving someone who needs to Be Freed to help his Fellowmen & " We The People " & Give More Freedom to Manifest & Form to "the New Republic " in the USA. Thank U for liking & spreading my posts anywhere. I Am still Free but Broke. Together We Stand, Divided We Fall. Warm Hugz from Red Lunar Moon, Kin 249. Pls.Support me with a Donation at­annewestenbrink

Kaypacha`s mantra for the Week :

“Whenever I am too afraid, to speak and own my truth,my light goes dim, I wilt within, Disappointing both me and you.”

I do share & follow Benjamins  weekly posts since 4 years by now & would have loved to stay subscribed to his Blog but helas I` ve got not a penny left . Yet I am in a living & alive personal contact with the One & Only General JFDJFD
Pls. give me a " like" here and or comment on this / answer me & help me come out for this Truth !

I AM Your Always Loving Friend & Cocreator.

donderdag 25 mei 2017

Astrology for the Soul May 24, 2017

Astrology for the Soul May 24, 2017,
  • Kaypacha`s Mantra for the week : “My deepest true identity,is emerging from within, No longer defined as right or wrong, incapable of sin.”
    OK, now before anybody gets carried away, I am not saying that there is no sin.
    There are pitfalls all along the way, and the reality of making mistakes, sins, or "errors," is a definite reality. Hence there is karma; a need for forgiveness of self and others, and this mantra is to assist those striving toward the final stages of evolution here on earth.
    My hope is that those who tune into this Pele Report can use this mantra as a means of moving beyond "believing" to "knowing." There is an avatar within each of us that Knows, beyond belief, what is true for us, and through a deep meditative, spiritual practice, can nurture this nascent truth of our own individuality. Blessings on your journey to Self !
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woensdag 19 april 2017

Astrology for the Soul April 19, 2017

  • Astrology for the Soul April 19, 2017
    Published on 19 Apr
    2017, by Youtubechannel “Kaypacha Lescher ”
    Kaypacha`s Mantra for this
    Week :
    “Life is an education, drawing
    ME out of me and the more I am able to deal with,the more I will set myself

    OK, time to slow down, take some deep breaths and remember that Uranus, which
    is such a prominent player for us now IS THE FUTURE. The insights, the visions,
    the awareness that is coming from deep within our personal unconscious is
    showing us our future, not necessarily tomorrow ! The danger of Aries is overreacting
    in a knee jerk fashion with impatience and haste. Good to know there is time
    and not get too freaked out or worried that it's not happening fast enough or
    may not happen at all.... it will.

    On another note, as the tremendous urge for freedom right now may be prodding
    you to head for the hills (or alternate planets), it can be helpful to simply
    make little steps toward speaking your truth, opening doors of communication,
    and little by little giving yourself more room to move, more self expression,
    and greater impact in the world.

    It may happen that we lose the advantages of the relationships we are in, or
    cause undue shock and trauma to others by suddenly and radically altering our
    course at this time. Taking it all in, learning the lessons knowing that recess
    is coming can help to calm the wild child within. May all your dreams come

zondag 16 april 2017

Twin Flame/Divine Love Energy Report for April 10, 2017

Twin Flame/Divine Love Energy Report for April 10, 2017,
Published on 10 Apr 2017
It's a major time of transformation as the Full Moon in
Libra triggers the T-square, Venus goes direct and Mercury and Saturn have
retrograded. The pressure is on to be your authentic self and that means
looking at and accepting your shadow side. Wishes begin coming true as the
energy begins to ground and manifest but it requires you to surrender into
complete trust in the universe.

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  • A channeled Message for Twin Flames as Venus Stations Direct
    Venus Retrograde 2017 is a transit
    that you will likely remember for a long time. It’s been a rough few weeks of
    taking a serious look at our past relationships. Venus official moves forward
    tomorrow but today she is stopped in the sky, conjunct Chiron, trine Vesta and
    square Saturn, who is also at a standstill. This is making the energy intense
    to say the very least. As Venus/Chiron squares Saturn, you are seeing the soul
    wounds you have been carrying through many incarnations. They are coming to the
    surface and being broken down.
    This energy is empowering sacred
    union with your twin flame and yet, the energy can feel like anything BUT that.
    Are you feeling a complete disconnection from your twin and your union? Perhaps
    a lack of emotions? Are you being pushed to focus on yourself rather than them?
    This has a reason behind it. One of
    the gifts of sacred union is the enhancement of creative abilities. In sacred
    union, the masculine and feminine reach balance and this allows manifestation,
    or creative abilities, to become much more rapid. With this increased ability
    also comes increased responsibility. If you are being given the ability to
    create your reality, what is it you are creating? Vesta is assisting all of you
    with this part as she brings the energy of purification, including purification
    of our motives, as well as dedication to mission.
    Sacred union is going to manifest
    from within you. If you are still giving your power away to external forces you
    aren’t ready for this phase of union. The disconnection will show you that you
    CAN move forward alone. Giving your power away to your twin is still giving
    your power away. That has ended.
    Many twins are in the process of
    moving up into another aspect of themselves or embodying more of their
    Christ-consciousness. Very fitting considering Christians are celebrating the
    death and resurrection of Christ around the world at this time. Again, you need
    to be in this higher-consciousness to use your creative energy responsibly.
    Going through the process of this
    embodiment is like having your foundation collapse. Things are being
    rearranged. It’s chaotic energy. It’s a complete letting go of everything so
    that the new can be formed. To me, it feels like being in a void. You may have
    experienced this letting go in many areas of your life over this retrograde
    period; emotionally, physically, mentally. You are opening yourself to the new
    timelines that are being birthed with Venus, Saturn and Chiron.
    I am being shown that the solar
    plexus chakra is key right now. Twin flames are experiencing a rebalancing of
    this chakra, which is our power-center. Some may have experienced physical
    symptoms as this chakra was activated at some point during the retrograde and
    likely it was in conjunction with your twin’s energy, meaning your twin was
    feeling it, too.
    When the solar plexus is blocked, we
    embody some of the negative traits associated with the feminine energy. We have
    low self-esteem. We can become over-emotional. There is difficulty setting
    boundaries and suffering from co-dependency. Passivity can be an issue. We play
    the victim or become martyrs. We feel depressed and alone.
    When the solar plexus is overactive,
    there is a tendency to associate with negative traits of the divine masculine.
    There is a tendency to control or to dominate others. To be very judgmental. We
    become very rigid. Nothing is ever good enough. We feel like we know it all.
    When the solar plexus is blocked, we are too open but when it is overactive, we
    are not open enough.
    When your solar plexus is healthy,
    you are self-confident, empowered and responsible. You are in control of your
    emotions and thoughts, which allows your inner guidance to come through. You
    love yourself while being able to honor others. When challenges come up, you
    are able to meet them. You know when to take action. The opinions of others do
    not control you. Goodbye co-dependency! You can remain calm in the face of
    adversity. People are drawn to you because you are open and understanding
    without being a pushover.
    You can see how being balanced in the
    solar plexus is an important step in balancing your energy and coming into
    sacred union. That is why this is happening now. It’s leading you to that place
    of responsibility that is necessary for your manifestation.
    This is allowing twin flames to feel
    comfortable in that place of complete letting go and opening to new
    opportunities. You feel safe enough to allow your new self to be born. When the
    time comes for action, you will be ready and able to move forward. If things
    begin to manifest that you don’t understand, and this is going to happen, you
    won’t become a slave to your emotions.
    Trust in this process now, beloveds.
    Take this time for yourself. It will keep you balanced through your
    transformation. Whatever is happening, your soul is in charge. New energy is
    here for the taking. Your creative powers have never been stronger. The new
    cannot come in if there is no room for it so do not hold on to the old that
    wants to fall away. Like the trapeze artist, you must let go and spring towards
    the next bar, allowing yourself to be in that gap for a split second.
    Saturn is still on the Sabian symbol,
    “A splendidly built bridge, a heritage of unknown ages, still spans the
    beautiful and wildly primitive stream.” That primitive stream represents the
    chaotic creative force. The bridge is joining the old and the new. You are in
    the center of that bridge right now. Technically, you are in neither place.
    Which way will you go? Back towards the old ways? Or will you step forward into
    the new? That which has never been before?
    And do you feel safe enough within
    yourself now to walk that bridge alone? You must choose for yourself and your
    twin must choose for themselves. The choice will be made individually yet
    always knowing you are one. You will not fully know the others choice until you
    begin to move forward in your own decision. You are balanced. You are strong.
    Step towards into your destiny.