donderdag 15 oktober 2015

Astrology for the Soul October 14, 2015

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  1. Tom`s mantra :
    I'm always choosing to evolve or not, by leaving or sticking around.
    Right now I need to fully engage and not quit til the job is done.

    OK, OK, no more early morning Pele Reports haha ! To tie up and conclude this report we need to unite some of the separate threads. Basically, this can be a time of fulfillment where you need to work and complete what you started, or it can be a time of overload where you are totally burnt out on what you are doing and experiencing a work crisis.

    So this goes back to the need for deep self-contemplation, meditation, and a deepening of your connection to your soul purpose and the timing of its unfolding.
    In general, I would say that if you are in alignment and expressing your deepest soul's (unconscious remember) evolutionary intention (return or separate) , then this is a time of it really coming together ! If you are not satisfied in/with your work environment, it will reflect the need to change/alter, expand it in some way.

    Of course, the house placement of Virgo in your natal chart will also yeild you more information as well as the aspects that this conjunction are making to other planets.
    I will be taking this Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune "T-square for 2016" through the houses in another video/videos. If you are interested that will be coming out and available to the New Paradigm Community free and on the New Paradigm website if you're not in the community. Namaste and best wishes for happy working bees making future honey !