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Astrology for the Soul April 21, 2015

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  1. Astrology for the Soul April 21, 2015
    Tom Leschers Mantra for the Week:
    " I am no longer afraid, to call a spade a spade,
    And get all the cards on the table,to co-create a better way.
    The key words for this week's Mercury/Mars conjunction are "Delicate Negotiations," as in, try as hard as you can to keep them delicate haha ! Merc/Mars wants to jump in there like a laser beam and with little patience and possibly some resentment or anger, go straight for the jugular !
    So the down side is that you can do damage with your words this week or receive some harsh words coming at you. The upside is that it gets the yuck outa' there! It is time to share some of your personal values or some subjective needs/wants and now you are more capable of pushing through your fears and actually "fessing up." It may not be comfortable but it is good to be clear about where you stand and where everyone else stands (and needs) to move into the future without doubts, questions and secret agendas that can come back to bite. So if you can remain tactful and truthful this can be a good housekeeping week! Practice, practice practice haha!
    My comment : Thank U Dear Tom for another Awesome report that seems to be written out for me personally :) .
    I want to negotiate with U or anyone willing to cooperate with me & my Beloved & put All our cards on the table , as to Cocreate a New World in an Abundance of Possibilities & Love & Peace & All Things Good. Who is willing to have a good talk with me, yust write me an email at anda@multiweb.nl & I `ll write back & we`ll have a Skypechat on all things possible when we work Together to Make That Change. Much Love & Light to All. I Am. In Lak`ech Ala K`in. I `m listening to this Great "Sustainability Spring - Earth Day Summit" this evening : Join me if U can : Its still up online for 24 hours. http://events.instantteleseminar.com/?eventid=68652516 . See for links to my background & Social Media : http://about.me/annewestenbrink
    ॐ ♥ ॐ ♥ ॐ ♥ ॐ ♥ ॐ ♥ ॐ ♥ ॐ ♥ ॐ ♥ ॐ ♥ ॐ ♥ ॐ ♥ ॐ ♥