donderdag 26 maart 2015

Astrology for the Soul, March 25, 2015

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  1. March 26th 2015.The ACIM Musical Workbook Lesson 85 " by James Twyman fits so very well with Tom`s Mantra for this week & his wonderfull explanation of the energies of this upcoming week. See :
    “My Grievances hide the light of the World from me”
    “My Salvation comes from me “.

    Tom Lescher /Kaypacha .
    “Astrology for the Soul, March 25, 2015”

    Tom`s Mantra :
    "As I see the deeper meaning,
    Of what happens in my life,
    I let go of blame for all the pain,
    As my growth is worth the price."

    Easy to get swept away on the waves and winds of change these days and either avoid or distract ourselves from the feelings associated with making them. Well, this upcoming square Moon (Cancer) this Friday may give you that opportunity. In, and under these feelings (fear, loneliness, grief........) are teachings and meanings that our soul is seeking to learn.
    While the majority of society may be distracting themselves with entertainment, it is the role of some to deepen, process, teach, and model the richness of a life lived with purposeful intention and powerful co-creation. If you have watched and read this far I am afraid you are "one of those" haha ! Injoy !

    Wow I am "one of those" for sure & these energies are like Bob Dylan once sang about in " TheTimes they are a Changing ". For me it feels like I am leaving my whole past life of 66 years on this planet behind,(my house ,practice, lots of friends & most of my family ) to Cocreate a New One where we Live as ONE (John Lennon) in Surrender to That What Is, in Unconditional Love & Universal Peace of Heart & Mind.
    No more Judgments as All is Embraced yust as it Is. Infinite Love & Gratitude to Tom, James Twyman , All Beloved Friends & Cocreators, Prime Creator, Father/ Mother God, Planet Earth & All in the Global Galactic Family, Ascended Masters & Beings of Light. All is ONE & We Are All Interconnected. As Above, So Below.
    Warm Hugzzzzz from my Gratefull Heart . I Am Love & So Are U. Om Sai Ram. Om Shanti. AUM


    White Resonant Wizard , Seal 14 White Wizard, Kin 254
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    “I channel in order to enchant inspiring receptivity
    I seal the output of timelessness with the resonant tone of attunement
    I am guided by the power of death”

    Harmonic 64 : Solar Output Express intelligence of intention.
    This 8th Day in the Wavespell of “Solar Star Wavespell “, We “Command Attunement “