vrijdag 5 augustus 2011

The Mind of A Master

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  1. Namaste. I Love the Cocreation of the New Earth Together. Thanks Dear Lightworkers & All the Awesome Bloggers Here & There , for Sharing & Caring from Your Lovefilled Hearts & Masterminds. There is so much Synchronicity in All of Our Online Work. Being a Babyboomer & Aquarian Age Pioneer since the Sixties, I have personally initiated & served in many New Earth projects during this Life like a Recycleshop ("Dodo", 1st in NL, A`dam), one of the 1st Vegetarian restaurants ("de Waaghals", A`dam) diverse Voluntary Aidprojects for the elderly, women, handicapped, as well as for the poor, a Kenyan Aid project (2009 -2012). From 1974 till 1986 I did yoga & meditated & served in all kinds of projects ( teahouse, esoteric library, meditative swingparty) as a volunteer in Spiritual Centre "de Kosmos" in Amsterdam. After moving to the countryside in 1986, I volunteered & set up my Holistic Practice for Selfinsight & Consciousness at home & in the Centre for Consciousness ,"Zenit "in Alkmaar. My New Earth dream Here & Now (2014 ) is to start a New Lifeas I`m officially retired now, but bruising with life :) In an Abundance of Love, Freedom & Financial Resources with my Beloved Joe & his precious daughter. We will be able & willing to financially invest in & suppport New Earth Initiatives Worldwide. Aftre 37 Years of Service in the US Navy, he is tired of all the war & bloodshed he has seen & we want to live a life in Peace & Quiet within our Newly formed family. I have served in my "Holistic Practice for Selfinsight & Consciousness" ,as an Astrologer – Clinical Psychologist for 25 years , see: www.psychoastrologe.nl , but am serving mostly as a Lightworker since 2008. I have lived on a Basic Income & as a single parent All my life, to enable to Live my Life in Purity & Freedom from Worldly attachments. I am Highly trained to Serve by Children of the Suns, "Rites of Passage" and dutch Mystic, Sonia Bos Thanks for reading & following me & Helping MeUWe to make this New Earth Dream become a Reality. I Love You Al Equally. We Are Ascending into Unity Through Divine Love & Light ( name of my int. FB " Ascensiongroup" ) I Am Love & so Are You. You can write me at annewestenbrink@gmail.com.
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    [♥] [♥]♥ಌ ڿڰ N ░ A ░ M ░ A ░ S░ T ░ E ڿڰ ಌ ♥ [♥] [♥]

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  3. The Mind of A Master.
    ♥ I now understand and realize that i am not alone
    I have divinity in my pocket for the asking.
    I have Interdimensional tools that will clear the Space in Love ♥
    I have the power of the Universe at my disposal.
    And everywhere my Bubble is spread in Light.
    Those around will see better and in free choice will steer to a safe place into the harbour.
    They will survive with me and will be part of a family
    that I help create with my balanced light.
    I Am the master Lighthouse. Everywhere I`ll go I `ll be blessed.
    I don`t need survival instinct because I represent ultimate survival.
    I am the definition of survival. A master of humanity.
    The Mind of a Master

    I invite you to get rid of survival instinct.
    We come in with this built in, into our every cell imprinted upon us.
    Indeed it is, but its an old energy imprint.

    Survival imprints hold disempowering thoughts of lack and fear.
    - I am alone , everything I do I must do myself , I will compete for a space on this planet,
    I need to chase the competition on this planet otherwise I will be left behind , I `ll compete for relationships, for food, for love, for money. I `ve got to do it or otherwise I won`t survive ….Sounds familiar ?

    Well in this New Energy, look to the Masters of the past,
    any of them. The voice of a Master you have yust viewed.
    This is also yours.

    You begin to realize that you can trust the interdimensional process, that are mastery forces that you don`t understand, but know are always there.
    You begin to realize that in the mastery department you have deep pockets when it comes to love & survival.
    So drop the survival instinct that says you have to compete for everything. You don`t. There`s plenty !

    Let this be your intention.
    Please remember you have free choice.
    When you are ready to be a Master Lighthouse,
    say this intention, "I Am the Master Lighthouse "
    and get ready for the ride of your life !
    And know you are very much loved ! ♥
    Video production by Oribel.
    Intention text given by Kryon, channeled by Lee Carrol in 2006
    Video in visual experience is an edited version of “Evolution “
    from Light and Sound Experience by Jonatham Quintin
    ( Visuals )
    Music “Locus Iste, ( Sanctus ) “ by Liberia .