dinsdag 19 juli 2011

☜❤☞ I AM

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    ⋱ ⋮ ⋰
    ☜❤☞ ♥ I AM ♥ ☜❤☞
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    When you are facing Me no matter where you look, what you feel is Love, what you see is beauty, what you know is this living grace that lifts you higher and higher beyond all Earthly confines. The whole of Earth life is ever before your heart and Love brings you powerfully into the flow of grace.Then you are My heart bringing each life its freedom, affirming by your presence the world's wholeness, its Love and the power of mind and soul to feed heart, and thus you become My vision.

    Love the greatest gift anyone can have
    Love descends upon us from the heavens
    God is speaking, are you listening

    Be silent my child and hear the voice within
    Like a flowing river, falling rain, a thunderous roar
    Hear me now for I am God

    I dwell within you and am here to stay
    Listen to my music or let it play
    I will always wait for you, here within
    My love is free I will never take it away

    Never look outside, for I dwell within
    Never fear again, I'll always be here
    Just listen to my voice, in the start like the rain
    And then like an orchestra

    Hear me now

    Loving you

    Everywhere you look, beloved one, I Am. Please let Me in, that I might free you from this dream of separation from Me. Every life on Earth that you have lived has been your search for your return into My arms. Every Love that you have sought in this whole world has really been your heart's call to Me. I Am your Home.

    Only when you have found Me can you find true Love, for everything in your life is simply the reflection of your relationship with Me. I Am tender in My Love for you and I Am personal. Yet, I Am the glory of inspiration. I can show your heart its treasures that are cosmic and I can be for you the Love that fills your nights and brings you peace.

    Your heart, beloved one, is the only cathedral that you shall ever need. It is the world's greatest treasure, the most sacred object. All you need to bring you this communion that you ever and always have with Me is to live centered in My Love always.

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