dinsdag 5 april 2011

`* ☆ A Spectacle of Light is coming to the Earth for 3 days `* ☆

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  1. An Important note for Lightworkers is added to this message of the Radiant Rose Academy :

    "Use the Sacred Fire for 15 minutes everyday and the fast tracking of the Sacred Fire, so you will be ready to help others when the Spectacle of Light takes place for 3 days. Guidance on the use of the Sacred Fire can be found in "The Sacred Fire Sanctuary" at: www.Akashaonline.com.

    The Spectacle of Light will provide a great cleansing upon the Earth and assist people to awaken. All has been prepared for the Great 7th Golden Age to unfold upon this Planet.

    People who are not awakened to the ancient knowledge of the I Am presence and have not heard before about the Sacred Fire and the Cosmic Light, may panic as this Spectacle of Light unfolds and we have a responsability to assist those who have not awakened yet.

    Ask your Mighty I AM presence everyday to prepare you and your body garment for the Great Spectacle of Light that is coming, so that you will be a great assistance to many.

    THANK YOU !!!