vrijdag 15 april 2011

Ascension Diaries 2011 - End Times 2010, 2011, 2012 Lightworker You Are ...

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  1. As Lightworkers, we all have felt the great significance of all the Portals opened in 2010. Especially around the 17/18th of July & on the 10:10:10 Portal there were Great Celebrations of Light & Love ! About the "Portal of December" 2010, I remember the New Moons Chart of December 5th 2010 which was such a beautifull energetic chart! Almost all planets aligned in a very harmonious way: the Solar Sun/Moon @13 degrees in Sagittarius in a sextile with Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, Quintiel Neptune (the Goddess of Intuition, the Ocean) & Cheiron (the wounded Healer) in the 9th House of Higher Visions. Also a Unified Pluto/Mercury/Northnode @ 3/4 degrees in Capricorn, all in the 6th House, the field of Work in Service of Purity & Selfanalysis. In the 10th House there was Lilith (Black Moon, our connection with the Spiritual Cosmic Force) with a Jupiter /Uranus alignment in Pisces, meaning the preparational work we are doing to start the New Era from Love, Equality, Freedom & Brotherhood !
    All these 3 were inconjunct Saturn @ 15 degrees in Libra in the 5th House of Creativity & Selfexpression,meaning that it took great & conscious efforts to align with the Greater Cosmic Forces.
    Last but not least, there was the Pars on 9.53 degree in Cancer, meaning we have started this new Moonscycle giving much love & warmth to one another !
    See my Page here on Facebook on "the Cosmic Laws, Astrology & the Tzolkin/Mayacalendar" under photo`s, for the Full & New Moons Charts or read up on Manuela van der Knaaps great insights as an astrologer on www.inzichten.com (for the dutch amongst us)
    Or visit my personal webpage www.psychoastrologe.nl ,if you are looking for personal astrological explanations on your charts.
    Thank you for taking an active part in preparing for the Greatest Shift on Planet Earth! In Lakech (I am the other you )
    Much Love & Light & Peace in your Hearts !
    Namaste !
    Anne Westenbrink