zaterdag 5 februari 2011

Message of Hope - the presence of Maitreya (Benjamin Creme) [ENG subtitles]

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  1. Schagen,February 5th,2011.
    My beloved friends,
    Since 1972,I have been aware of the great teachings of the "Masters of Wisdom", that is spoken off in this Youtube videomessage called: "a Message of Hope,the presence of Maitreya (Benjamin Creme)".The Christ or the Supreme LightBeing of these Masters of the "Great White Brotherhood",Lord Maitreya has entered into our World already for a great many years & lived quietly in London. His messages have been conveyed through this english spokesman : Benjamin Creme. Personally I`ve had the privelege to attend one of his lectures "overlighted" by the Christ = Lord Maitreya at the Sonesta hotel in Amsterdam in the seventies.Since then I own a small blue booklet that reveals all the important information about these Masters of Wisdom.
    I intend to let you know more of this , in this blog started today & I may add some personal notes as time passes. As Psychology & Astrology have been my main fields of study in my contemporary life on the planet,I may add some of the findings that have helped me to understand why I Am, Being in the Here & Now, writing to you about this particular subject. For this moment I share with you one of the most important links on the undertakings that Lord Maitreya Himself has put into our present world.

    Thank you for reading.
    Namaste !