woensdag 9 februari 2011

A Message from Archangel Gabriel

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  1. This seems to be the time & space where it all comes together as One for me at l(e)ast! This beautifull videomessage in my inbox from Kashamama, the Call today from James Twyman for a Peace Vigil For Egypt & then the wonderfull
    news of my dearest friend coming to Europe soon! Astrologically speaking this is a time of Great Intensity & Depth in Love affairs, as Venus approaches Pluto in the sky at 6 degr. Capricorn! Since they transition my 11th house (friendships) & make a triangle with Saturn in my 7th, the house of partnership, it seems these 2 are finally coming together in my life ! And then Lady Moon at 2 degr.Taurus,conjuncting my NorthNode (goal) in the 2nd house (PEACE from Within),in a triangle with my Sun in the 11th & I feel sooo peacefull & happy ! No thing is yust happening casually ! Wow, I truely Love Life and Astrology helps me greatly to make some sense out of it all ! Thanks for reading this Blog ! If anyone wants to (un) subscribe from this Blog, pls can someone tell me how to do this ? Since I am completely new in this , so sorry ! Love is All That Is & the Rest is Yust fear to be overcome !Namaste !