donderdag 17 februari 2011

The Gayatri Mantra - Music for a peaceful Planet

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  1. Beloved readers ,
    On this serene & powerfull Gayatra Mantra , let me contemplate a little on the planetary powers on this Full Moons Day.The True Light of our World, the Solar Sun & the Moon are in opposite signs of the Zodiac on each Full Moon.With the Sun in Aquarius & the Moon in Leo,the theme is Humanitary selfless service (Aquarius)vs.Individual selfish Ego empowerment(Leo).The Sun aligning with Neptune,Mars & Mercury, is creating an enormous influx of light & empowerment in our Collective & United Thoughtfield! As this Alignment is forming a harmonious sextile with the Northnode (common goal)in Sagittarius, We are truely Aiming for New & Higher Ideals,most of us still unconscious, letting it flow & grow out of our commonly felt human desire for Love & Unity! All these ,together with the Planet of Social reform, Uranus in alignment with Lilith(Black Moon/Goddess/Unicorn/Androgenous)in Pisces, are positioned in the 12th House of the Collective Unconsciousness! The Ascendant in Aries in opposition with Saturn/Pars in Libra can be seen as preparing a New Wave of Worldwide Universal Collective Action towards Peace & Prosperity ! With Pluto 6:52 in Capricorn on the MC there is a Great Transformation taking place in the realm of the Societal structures !
    For the Full Moons Charts I gladly invite you to like my Page on "Cosmic Laws, Astrology & Tzolkin/Mayan Calendar" on Facebook.
    Yours in Service to the Love & Light Grid around Planet Earth,
    Anne Westenbrink