woensdag 23 augustus 2017

Astrology for the Soul August 23, 2017

Published on 23 Aug 2017
Through surprising revelations,
Great Spirit has shown to me,
The life I need to manifest,
In order to be free.

OK, the great eclipse is over. Did you get it? Your galactic instructions? Your cosmic mission? Your truth? Well then, the only left to do is to do it! Sun in Virgo coming up to Mercury, Mars on the north node trine Saturn/Lilith, these all reflect grounding, rolling up the sleeves and digging in order to truly realize the potential. It is not going to happen by itself, we are the instruments of the future!

So it may not be so easy going back to some ordinary job situation, circle of friends, or daily routine after getting a good download. You may even feel that you didn't get enough of a download and expected/wanted more out of the gods/goddesses. Oh well, if that's the case the gods and goddesses are trusting you to create your own future in total freewill...... feel good about being trusted and relied upon by the galactic masters! Go for it! Injoy!

One download I got is that it is time to bring astrology down to earht, down to our bodies and FEEL it, MOVE it, and DANCE IT! I'm putting together the First Dance Your Stars retreat!!!! It is going to be unbelievable!!!! Check it out!


woensdag 16 augustus 2017

Astrology for the Soul August 16, 2017

  • Astrology for the Soul August 16, 2017
    Published on 16 Aug 2017
    Mantra for the week :
     “When I really look at it, All life is taking
    a chance, And if I refuse to face my fear, I will never learn to dance.”

    Finally, the Great Leo Eclipse of 2017 is just around the corner (Monday in
    most places)! Not that the eclipse season will be over immediately, as this new
    Moon will set the tone for the next 6 months ! Watch what you are doing,
    saying, feeling, and fearing this Monday ! Make a note of it as you may find it
    useful later, maybe even eye opening.

    When I talk about fear in this Pele Report,  I am talking more about our fears around
    expressing ourselves more than any others. I am not saying you should jump off
    a cliff if you are afraid to jump off cliffs lol !!!! There are just so many
    instances when we can be afraid to speak our truth and act on our truths
    (especially the whole generation born with Pluto in Libra 1972-84). Some of us
    can even be challenged to talk at all in public, with strangers, or about
    feelings period. Well now is the time to break those patterns and share your
    truth ! Yes ! You will find that many of them will simply disappear with a
    little practice and you will open more and more everyday to deeper friendships
    and greater community than you thought was possible. Let's make it happen
    together !

    Walking through the woods and thinking of all the creatures there (and people
    and plants too) everything alive is really taking chances all the time ! The
    lizard going after an insect with its tongue, every phone call or email we make
    etc. we are taking a chance as to whether or not we will get what we want. And
    that is what LEO is all about ! And that's what this Solar Eclipse is all about
    ! And it's not always that easy !

    Like I say in the report, it gets more challenging to risk something once
    you've failed to get it a few times, eh ? We can face our fears or our parent's
    fears, lover's fears, and many other fears whenever we go for just about
    anything ! But now can be a time to change all that. Now can be a time to
    believe in yourself, your truth, and your power to really and fully blossom
    like you have always wanted. It will take facing all those fears and doing it
    anyway ! It will take throwing off the past limiting beliefs and conditioning
    and adopting the "I can do !" motto.

    These are indeed intense times that are bringing up all our fears right into
    our faces. It's an unconscious, planetary plan ! The purpose beneath it all,  is that we know ourselves more and more and
    deeper and deeper through every fear we look at and, with consciousness,
    master. Be the master of your universe and enjoy it !

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